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    Little Caesars Nutrition Facts

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    Get nutrition facts for Little Caesars® pizza and more.

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    On your way to a party? Joining friends to watch the game? Be a hero and bring the gift of Little Caesars® pizza with you... the gift of PIZZA!PIZZA! ^^

    Little Caesars® provides hot pizzas ready when you are. Drop by any location for lunch or dinner to grab a freshly-made HOT-N-READY® cheese or pepperoni pizza any time.

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    Menu Categories:
    * HOT-N-READY Pizzas
    * Crazy Bread and Sauce
    * Cheese Bread
    * Caesar Wings
    * DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza
    * Baby Pan!Pan! Pizza
    * Specialty/Optional Pizzas
    * Caesar Dips

    Each food menu item provides:
    * Serving Size
    * Calories
    * Total Fat (g)
    * Saturated Fat (g)
    * Trans Fat (g)
    * Cholesterol (mg)
    * Sodium (mg)
    * Carbs (g)
    * Fiber (g)
    * Sugars (g)
    * Protein (g)

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    PLEASE NOTE: This app is not affiliated with Little Caesars® Pizza, Little Caesars Enterprises, or any Little Caesars franchises. Nutrition facts and/or menu items are subject to change without prior notice.

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