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    Deciding To Live Together

    “Every time I see your face I remember all the times we shared, but now I see it slowly drifting “

    Back in the late Sixties, my parents were shocked that my college boyfriend Dizzy and I were living together in a garden apartment after graduation. Today, couples of all ages set up joint households without exchanging vows, and few people think anything of it.


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    ** Tips on Living Together: Tips for Relationships

    • Discuss and define expected household roles, sleep schedules, financial obligations (down to who pays for the take out pizza to who pays the water bill); discuss and define who gets what of combined household items if you get where I am going ...discuss and define EVERYTHING!"

    • I would say: make sure you have your own physical space: A retreat dedicated to yourself so you can be reminded of your independence.

    • If you're ready to set up a bank account together, move in together. And when you do, enjoy it!! It's like a sleepover every night with your best friend. And when you get annoyed with each other, make sure you have wonderful group of friends and a developed sense of interests to go play with and run to. And also, throw out...everything. It's amazing that moving someone into your space can make you feel like you have more room than you did without them.

    • My first piece of advice is DON'T. Or at least start by spending 5 nights a week together while still having your own apartments, to make sure moving in is the right decision.

    • The biggest surprise: It is really nice to have someone to eat all your meals with and plan your meals around. It is nice to have someone who is helpful around the house if your partner is.

    • I've done it a few times, but I don't think it's smart. My boyfriend and I live together now, have been together for over two years and we are still not engaged. I am 32 and he is 31. I think it gives credit to the old adage, "Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free." My married friends say it doesn't feel any different being married once you have lived together. I want to be excited about that part, of creating a life with someone and not just being fortunate roommates. :

    • If you're thinking of moving in with your partner, you should probably just look at your big snazzy closet and then kiss it goodbye...

    • Give each other physical and mental space me time AND make sure there is a couple time too no laptop, iphone.... This may change when we have kids, or if we have money issues, but we'll do whatever we can to prevent that from happening.

    • Be prepared to be irritated by a lot of little things.

    • b4 moving in w/ some1, spend a weekend w/their parents, preferably in their childhood home. Experience what is "normal" to them

    • Absolutely do it before you get married; find out before it gets way more complicated. Those cute characteristics become annoying.

    • And talk about all those big picture down-the-road things like kids. And not just whether or not to have kids, but how to raise them. Lastly, be realistic.

    • Make sure ahead of time she knows getting nails and hair done is NOT a need on the budget ledger

    • He should be aware that getting hair and nails is on her budget needs list, well before moving in together. Should be pretty obvious, I'd say...

    • When an argument erupts, share a drink first.

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