Location Alarm




    The FoxByte Location Alarm is a professional grade application that reminds you when you are approaching your target destination.

    This app allows users to set their target location with a single tap on the map. When the user reaches the periphery of the targer destination, he/she is alerted by ringtone, vibration and pop-up dialog.

    Its a practical tool that allows you to get immersed in music, videos, gaming or dreams during your travel.

    Features :

    => Easy to use. The destination can be set by a single tap on the map.

    => You can set the distance from the destination at which you want the alert to be fired.

    => After setup, no network requirement during travel.

    => Chances of alarm being missed is LOW since the user will be alerted in three ways : (1)default ringtone (2)Vibration (3)Pop-up Dialog

    => Works even when the phone is locked/sleeping.

    => Algorithm designed for Lower Resource Consumption and hence Extended Battery Life.

    User Guide :

    => Set your destination.

    => Set the distance from the destination at which you want the alarm to fire. (default distance setting : 1 km)

    => Switch ON the Location Alarm.

    => When you enter the proximity of the destination (at the distance set in step 2 from the destination), the Alarm will be fired, alerting you with your default ringtone and vibration.

    => The app also gives a pop-up dialog. Dismissing the pop-up dialog automatically switches off the Location alarm.

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