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    F-Secure Lokki is the most accurate and battery friendly personal location sharing app to connect you with your friends or family members. Best of all, it’s PRIVATE and FREE. Lokki fully respects your and your friends privacy so you can see others only when they so allow. And you can decide to hide your location from them anytime, with a simple button press. Privacy is a two-way street!

    Lokki comes from F-Secure, the trusted European security software house that has been developing world-leading security software and services since 1988. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We do not store your location history and we do not share your personal data with any third parties. In Lokki you will encounter no stalkers nor strangers, but only your friends and family members you have allowed to see your location or they have allowed you to see their location.

    FREE F-Secure Lokki benefits:

    • Stay connected – see where your most important people are on the map
    • Hide yourself or be visible to others – it’s always your choice!
    • Locate a stolen or lost phone or tablet
    • Location history is not stored, only the last known location
    • Great location accuracy with minimal battery consumption
    • Complies with the European privacy law and is legal for minors to use (in the USA Lokki has a 13 year age limit due to the Children Online Privacy Protection Act)
    • Easy and fun to use
    • Works on any Android device running Android 2.3.3 or newer. In Android 2.3.3 devices your location is shared only when you open the application, in newer versions the location sharing is done automatically. Some Android tablets having no cellular or LTE connectivity are not compatible with Lokki.

    Life nowadays is all about being 24/7 active and 360 degrees visible to others, but only when you want to! With Lokki, you can go undercover whenever you so want. With one touch, Lokki hides you from all the others, and making yourself visible again is just another touch away.

    Have you ever wondered where you kids are? Or are they in the right place at the right time? With F-Secure Lokki, you can find out where they are at a glance and stop worrying. Or you can check if the granny has already come home. Peace of mind is priceless. And if your kid’s phone gets lost, you can use Lokki to check it’s current or last known location.

    It’s easy to install and start using Lokki – after you download the app, Lokki will automatically create your account. Then you are instantly brought to the map. Honestly — it does not get easier than this. Then you can simply just start telling your family and friends about the FREE Lokki app and let them see your location. You choose whom to invite, and Lokki brings all of you together. To secure everyone’s privacy, your friends and family need to let you see their location before they show up on your Lokki map. You can choose your people but your people need to choose you too. It works both ways.

    Great location accuracy and low battery consumption, no matter which latitude you are on. With F-Secure Lokki you can have both – no more need to make a compromise.

    F-Secure Lokki has been featured in Consumer Report Finland, Fjord Annual Trends Report 2014, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, and elsewhere.

    Lokki uses GPS and WiFi to determine your location. Continuous use of GPS service will have some impact on the battery life of your device. As with any other apps, data transfer fees may be incurred. We therefore recommend using Lokki on an unlimited mobile data plan. Always check the roaming fees before using Lokki abroad.

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