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    LoveRanking (subtitle: LovePoint, affection, even rank) Ad Version mobile phone automatically by examining the affection of your relationship (Love Point) can determine the (real novelty) = this application when you need it = 1. How my relationship ... But why stick it in accordance with snot snot palttae corn comes when you want to make sure that like some terrible joke. 2. I love how my sick than the other side of the seolgeotyitong cheodabodeut are covered. Looks a nuisance when you want to check 3. Girlfriend (boyfriend) I'm sure more like me girlfriend (boyfriend) if you want to make sure that I prefer (so jalmandeul applications come too elevated to be reliable or have been fighting with this ssawoojin Masem sonjoy (sonjoyi) Ltd. spirited people in front of the couple georimyeo came late to protest ㅠ) 4. Reason, let alone a friend or friends (friends or ㅠ ㅠ) contact and family who do not play at all lonely 'loner of an outsider "by those who eat the food of any restaurant if you want to make sure that you care about most .... ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ (who loved me If someone is at the top lenders ... heukheukheuk ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ) 5. Rank my favorite people in the woman (man), which, uh, cares why am I ranking woman (man) Do we? And double-check that you have to be realistic and look at the mirror, I shook the mirror when you want to cry 6. My girlfriend (boyfriend) on the installation of a mobile phone and a man (woman), you uisimbyeong jilturyeok + + uicheojeung (uibujeung) when you want a little exercise 'this guy in years, the nuguyat!! Ppungppungppung! Ssikssikssik! " 7. Ahppajung mother newborn baby who is more good people from around the world since I've been worried about the problem difficult to solve when you want to find answers = Usage = 1. <- -> Direction of the arrow buttons date (monthly) Go 2. When you press the right and left and drag the entire screen (naljotahhaneunsunwi) (a ranking naegajotah) suikgeumjung part of this application can be seen by choosing the Republic of Korea for the development of IT industry sonjoy (sonjoyi), the company's chairman and the programmer's convenience store bento ( kkyeoju kulpiseu do a good free) is used as a cost. For complaints, and hair removal information and anus, and the fan mail and questions and suggestions please send it here. Kakaohtok: sonjoy Email: Note: seusyat a mosaic for the protection of a particular person (nurse) was. Mongchayineun ㅠ application icon I painted my favorite junggukjipyireumim nice? (No money to hire the designer ㅠhibal ㅠ ㅠ)

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