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    Are you searching for a new home or apartment to rent?

    Lovely has the largest list of rentals properties - apartments, condos and homes in the United States. Lovely works with 50+ data providers to make sure we have the best, most up to date listings around.

    Unlike other rental apps, our services make the process of finding a new apartment super convenient! Never scroll through a full text list trying to pick out a place again. You can see all the apartments and homes listed on our app mapped to their locations, with all the key details right at your fingertips. With Lovely in your pocket, you can be the efficient house or apartment hunter you know you can be. Finding the apartment, condo or home that’s right for you has never been easier. Lovely truly helps you search, find, rent and live lovely.

    SEARCH - Lovely has the most robust search tools of any rental marketplace for homes, condos or apartments, featuring:

    A fully interactive map that updates in real time so you never miss a new listing

    Quickly see where the all apartments and homes are, how many bedrooms they have, and at what price.

    See how long an apartment or homes has been on the market with our color coded icons so you beat everyone to the best specials!

    Our list lets you scroll through listing properties quickly and easily

    FIND - Lovely has the tools you need to find the apartment that’s perfect for you, including:

    Filters - select your price range, number of bedrooms, and whether a place is pet friendly - so your dog or cat can make the move with you!

    Alerts - be the first to hear about any apartment or homes that matches your search criteria

    Get in touch with properties, landlords or leasing agents straight from our listings - we’re fully integrated via phone and email

    RENT - Once you’ve found your dream apartment or home, Lovely can help you get the place

    Enter your credit score and keep it on file so landlords give you an advantage when applying

    Verify your employment through Linkedin, so you can stand out among the crowd

    LIVE - Once you have found a place on Lovely, live easy knowing that you found the best apartment or home for you

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    Please note that app displays rental apartments and houses and allows rentals in the United States only.

    You must have the Google Play Services installed on your device in order to use the app (required to display the rental map).


    Interactive Map
    - Shows you all the condos, houses, homes and apartments
    - Updates in real time, so you never miss a new condo, apartment or homes on the market
    - Color coded icons show you how old a listing is, so you always spot the new arrivals
    - Prices, bedrooms, pet friendly: All the info you need, right at your fingertips

    List View
    - Scroll through listings, seeing a picture, the number of bedrooms, and the price all at a glance
    - Sort by price, posting age, or our featured listings - see the best places, right up front
    - Power search dozens of apartments and homes in a sitting, getting real results in real time
    - Favorite the apartments, condos and homes you know deserve a second look

    - Filter by location, price, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly, has pictures, or by keyword
    - Only see the apartments and homes that meet your criteria

    - Create alerts for apartments and homes that meet your criteria.
    - Get notified whenever an apartment, condo or home that matches your criteria shows up on the market - get a head start!

    Get in touch
    - Contact landlords, property manager or leasing agents directly from the app.

    Renter Card:
    - Your picture, name, job (Verified by LinkedIn), Move-In Date, Pets, co-tenants, and references all in one place.
    - Send it with the simple push of a button

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