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    For successful completion of any action, favorable circumstances are required. When a seed is sown, it needs fertile soil, water, and weather to grow properly. Apart from all this it also needs a favorable timing. Lucky Dates 2011-14 helps to find most favorable dates for all important actions, plan, manage and schedule them with alerts in your Android phone or tablet.

    Want hassle free travel? This app shows Auspicious dates based on Sun and Moon angles.

    Want to tell your child when to wear new dress?

    Romantic days list? Which date to apply for a Loan? See all this and more in a monthly calendar dashboard with Green-Yellow-Red graphs. Based on Indian Astrology. Worked for 5,000 years.

    Should work in future also.

    Search for Auspicious dates for First Date, short visits, take up a new role, join politics, resign from job, leave a political party, join another political party, farming, religious work, buy property,

    start new business, laying foundation stone, build a house, start medical treatment, surgery, buy a new vehicle, etc.

    Instantly search good days for naming ceremony, ear piercing, first hair cut, start learning ABC, thread ceremony, marriage and even adoption. Indian Religious monthly calendar that shows

    New Moon, Full Moon, major Indian festivals, Fasting days (Ekadashi), prayer days for God Siva, Ganesh and his younger brother Murugan. Daily star (nakshatra) and phases of the moon (Tithi).

    Notes introduce you to various Indian Astrology terms, their usage and significance in daily life. Search three years calendar to find your astrological birth day (Nakshatra) and annual ceremony

    to forefathers (Shraadh). Full Panch-ang gives daily ending moments of Moon phases, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan.

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