The simple diary for your memories

    We regularly ask you via e-mail about your new experiences.
    Simply respond by e-mail and fill your diary or use this app to keep up to date.

    The everyday little things, e.g. during growth of your children, while working on your projects, solve problems or "just" your life!

    „What's the hardest part about keeping a diary? Remember to actually write in it! solves this by sending you an email with questions about your day. Answer the questions, and BAM, you've got a diary!”

    „Best part -- it's one of the few sites that is still private. No social networking here!”

    „This is just what I needed. An online diary, not a blog, plus a reminder feature. it’s the essence of a true diary.”

    „the everyday emails motivate me to follow my goals”

    „I leave every day a note for my kids. It's never been so easy to write a diary.”

    „sending a photo with my mobile is the easiest way to fill my diary. Sometimes I also write a line.”

    „the everyday emails motivate me to follow my goals”