Mala Bead Accumulation Keeper




    Helps you count and keep track of all of your practice accumulations - without advertising. Kind of like enhanced Mala or Rosary Beads. Beads with memory!
    This program was written with a motivation to benefit people on their spiritual path.
    Replaces - or works with - your mala or rosary beads. You could use them to accumulate any practices, Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, you name it. Great for counting Prostrations, Just put the phone on the floor and tap each time.

    Create a set of practices, (some trial Buddhist ones are installed, but you could delete or change them to suit yourself). Add images or supporting text, and start practising. The system always shows a summary of your practices so that you can record or report them in your system. Or just leave them on your phone or pad.

    Instead of working beads, just tap on the screen. The system does the rest!

    You've always got them with you.

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