This is an app for Hindu temple/gurdwara followers. You love your local temple/gurdwara. You love attending its services and events. Now rediscover and connect with your local temple/gurdwara like never before - anytime, anywhere, on your mobile. It is not just another app to consume media on the go, it is a social network centred around your local temple/gurdwara.

    Once you download and run the MandirNetwork, you reach your local temple/gurdwara community in 3 easy steps:
    Find your temple on the map or enter the first few letters of your temple's name in search box
    Select your temple on the map or list
    Connect with your temple using exclusive app features described below

    Your local temple serves you following content on the app:
    * Pravachan/gurbani – You can watch or listen live.
    * Blogs – If your temple writes blogs, you can now easily read them on phone.
    * News – Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at your temple.
    * Bulletin Board – You can post information / classifieds to other community members.
    * Sponsors – Connect with local businesses and professionals who are sponsoring your local temple.
    * Events – See what events are coming up, inform whether you are attending, and see who is attending the events.
    * Always handy information about your temple, staff, history and vision and mission.
    * Hours and locations – See when and where you can participate.
    * Maps, directions and contact information will always help you find your temple.

    If you have ever tried to browse your temple's website on your mobile, you know how frustrating it is to view a desktop site on a tiny phone screen. Now you have all the information and media from your temple in a user interface made-for-mobile.

    Social features are easy to use. You can login to the app using your facebook account. Once you are logged in, you can respond to events and interact with other event attendees. You can post and view comments to blogs, announcements, and media. You can also share any of the church content with the larger facebook social network with one easy tap. Essentially, this is a platform for you to listen, talk, and learn about your temple and its activities. All your app interactions stay within the app - things are posted on facebook only when you explicitly request it.

    Upcoming features:
    * Push notification - Get notified on your app when temple administrators want to inform you about new events / announcements / important posts.
    * Live Streaming – Experience live streams from anywhere in the world.
    * Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and Guru Granth Sahib – Fully interactive including translations, search functions, ability to highlight and create notes, etc.
    * Mobile Giving – Give donations and offerings in a completely secure way in just few clicks directly from your mobile phone.

    MandirNetwork is a platform for individuals and Hindu temples to connect using a mobile app.

    Content Copyright © 2012 Individual organizations
    App Copyright © 2012 SpiralTek, Inc.