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    Big collection of ideas for a manicure.
    Includes 2200 pictures of nail design!
    Photos manicure can save to memory card.

    Mode random review of the best nail design ideas will help you choose the perfect for you a manicure.
    If you need a particular style manicure, then open categories:
    French, manicure on short nails, fashion manicure for summer 2013 or the new year, daily manicure or to prom, and many other categories.

    Your nails are always beautiful and diverse. Manicure ideas can be combined!
    Perhaps looking manicure gallery, you will have an idea of his extraordinary figure on the nails.

    The program includes the following categories of manicure:

    Nail Design Ideas(700 foto)
    Wedding manicure
    Acrylic nails
    Beautiful 2012
    Beautiful 2013
    Short nails
    New ideas
    Interest 2
    For everybody

    Photo selection of the most beautiful and fashionable options tunic patterned this season.
    If the basic principle of the classic jacket - the focus is on the tip of the nail, the jacket art involves a combination of various decorations, bright colors and patterns. This nail design is more prefer young women because it makes it possible to combine perfectly manicured with suits and dresses, to surprise everyone with their extravagance and easy to create a good mood.

    Photos manicure at graduation
    Think about the way to the prom should advance. Need to pick up fancy dress and shoes, beautiful evening hair and makeup, and, of course, a manicure. All should be in harmony with each other.
    Usually, nail design is chosen at the end and it is time to find very limited. That's why we decided to help you in this matter, and gathered the best collection of manicure for prom.

    Pictures of beautiful pictures on short nails
    Many women mistakenly believe that only long nails can make a beautiful design manicure. But it is not so, and that you see for yourself. Grow long nails is problematic, and the invoice option looks unnatural. Ideas drawings on short nails.

    Beautiful photos inconsistent speed polish, great ideas for a manicure.
    Graft of nails - a great opportunity to easily make yourself beautiful manicure if your own nails are not long enough, and there is an urgent need to hands look elegant and attractive. Photos can be demonstrated to pick up a version of the figures on the inconsistent speed nails of various shapes - rectangular, square, oval, almond or sharpened called stilettos.

    New Year Nail Design 2013

    A collection of ideas for original manicure
    This is a "non-standard" ideas, so to ladies who prefer the "classic", please treat leniently. Something unusual and interesting, is that a surprise to many.

    Add colors. Spring.
    Spring is there - the sun is shining and begins to warm us. And wants to add brightness to their everyday lives.
    It is true, they say that a lady, of course, must be well-groomed, ranging from hairstyles, ending with his fingertips

    Manicure for all at home
    We all want to be charming and compelling from head to toe. Manicure nails help us to transform and adjust formu.

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    A selection of manicures. I would like to see your favorite nails well groomed and neat. But at the same time, I want originality and brilliance. Unusual options manicure will help you in a new way to look at the art of manicure. Fashion creative manicure emphasize your individuality and will draw the attention of others.

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