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    This free application will provide the latest Salah times along with the Iqamah times for your local Masjid. Masjidi lists your Masjid's timings on your mobile device, giving you access to the latest Salah and Iqamah times.

    Important Note: We currently support Iqamah time in selected Masajids in North America. If you would like your Masjid Iqama Times to be available, please contact us through

    * Features:
    * First application to support Iqamah times.
    * Iqamah times are fetched from the Masjid's website, uploaded or managed by Masjid admins.
    * Comprehensive list of all the Masajid in the United States.
    * Salah times are available for all the Masajid.
    * GPS based selection to list all Masajid near by.
    * Search for masjids in other areas
    * Push notification support.
    * Salah time and Iqamah time notifications and reminders.
    * Push notifications from the Masjid.

    * Upcoming features:
    * Ability to update Salah time from within the mobile application.
    * Ability to select multiple Masajids (Favorites)
    * Travel Mode (To find Iqama nearby)
    * Ability to search for Masajids in other cities.

    If you would like to request your Masjid to have Iqamah time support, please email us at

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