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    Practice of a state of concentrated attention on an external object, thought, consciousness itself, or the actual state of concentration.

    Meditation has been practiced for over 5000 years with intellectual pursuits, religious and health. Today, its effects are scientifically proven.

    Rediscover meditation and enjoy it more than ever. Marvel at how technology can join as ancient practice to take a step further.

    Access a regularly updated catalog of guided meditations to help you achieve tangible effects or let your imagination with sound stimulation that will lead to a state of reverie extremely positive for you and for your mind: The best tool for meditation, music and sounds.

    Different types of stimulation

    Guided meditations and assisted. Ordered by type to help you achieve the desired effects and hit with each stimulation. scientific, spiritual, relaxation, leisure, beliefs and therapies associated... There is one for you!

    • Relaxation and introspection
    • Self hypnosis and inducing altered states of consciousness
    • Mantras (accounts and environment)
    • Guided meditation
    • Universal Law of Attraction
    • Hertz Stimulation
    • Soundscapes and experiences
    • Deep relaxation and escape from the ego
    • Religious, prayer, worship and ritual

    Quality and accessibility

    Very easy to use, compatible (phones and tablets), lightweight (3.5 mb) and free.

    High quality content. Sounds created by professionals and designed by expert stimulationsnot miss this opportunity !

    Live the experience

    Have you ever meditated? Download Meditum, select a stimulation relax, put on your headphones, lie down and start feeling. Close your eyes and let yourself go to a wonderful world of relaxation where you get to rest your mind to awaken with renewed energy.

    Try it: You will not regret.

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