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    Mega Millions Betting Method

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    Unique Mega Millions Betting Method with back up of past results data analysis!

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    This is the unique APP on market to provide past results of Mega Millions data analysis and introduce a Unique Betting Method after the findings.

    There are many lotto APP on the market, but most of them just tell you the lottery results. This Mega Millions Lottery APP is special. It not only tells you lotto results, but also provides a unique betting method and some tools to possibly raise the odds of winning in Mega Millions.

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    Hope you'll win the next jackpot with the help of this APP! Good Luck!

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    This APP also includes some practical tools:

    1) Input recent number of draws: Compare and Predict Betting Method

    2) Input numbers for inquiry of Betting Methods

    3) Check results (check how many numbers you match)

    4) Random Draws Generator (include Betting Method)

    5) Comprehensive and detailed lottery results statistics (Most overdue numbers, most common lottery hot numbers, least picked cold numbers...)

    and much more....

    Lottery is about chances, mathematics and statistics. Numbers are drawn randomly. BUT some patterns do appear with higher chances than others. This APP will tell you the patterns with DETAILED statistic analysis of past results. Facts speak for themselves: (old format 5/56 + 1/46)

    The most frequently occurred Betting Method is:

    21110: 42%

    The top 2 Betting Methods: 21110 and 22100 occur 70 percent of times.

    The most frequent 3 Betting Methods, namely 21110, 22100 and 31100 have a cumulative occurrence of 88 percent.

    Why the first number light blue is 73% while the 1st number blue is only 5.5% and yellow is 0.9%?

    You can find the answers within this APP. How to use it is up to your imaginations.

    If you win the Mega Millions Jackpot with the help of this APP, let me know and share your joy! I'll be much happy if you'd donate a small amount to encourage me. ^_^

    The new Mega Millions is played by selecting 5 regular white balls from 1 to 75 and 1 Mega Ball from 1 to 15. The combinations of selecting 5 from 75 is 17,259,390. The combinations of selecting 1 from 15 is 15. So the odds of winning the Jackpot (5 White Balls + 1 Mega ball) is
    1 in 258,890,850.

    In order to win the jackpot, you have to match the 5 White Balls from 75 first. This APP introduces a Unique Smart Betting Method for this purpose.

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    All data and information in this APP are for study reference ONLY. The publisher of this APP does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of all data or results, and not liable to any losses so incurred from using this APP. For lottery results and prizes, please refer to the official sources!

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