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    This is a mental arithmetic game to train for adult brain! This app keeps track of the speed of the mental arithmetic! As a level rises, the game becomes more difficult! Try how fast you can do a mental arithmetic!

    Mental Arithmetic Manual

    *Menu buttons of mobile*
    1. Setting: Set the basic functions of the app.
    2. Password: Set the password.
    3. Backup: Save the data to SD card.
    4. Copy to SD card: Copy the data to internal and external SD card.
    5. Recovery: Use this function when you want to return to the previous data. *Please note that the current data will be deleted when you use this function.

    *How to start the game*
    1. Tap "Start with "GO" button below" or "GO" button to start the game!
    2. Select a level next and tap "Start!" button to start the game.

    *Game (Calculator) Window*
    1. Formulas appear from left and move to right. Enter the answer before the formula disappears.
    2. Lower right of formula, the number of seconds appears.

    Upper right of the calendar, there are 2 small buttons
    1. Help button: Move to web page of GalleryApp's Mental Arithmetic Log.
    2. Market button: Recommendations of other GalleryApp's apps.
    Lower right of the calendar, there are 2 buttons
    1. List button: switch the calendar to the list display.
    2. Weekly button: switch the calendar to the weekly display.
    Below those two buttons
    1. Red background with white text: It shows how many records you made in a day.
    2. Arrow: you can switch the display. See the list in a full screen.

    *Calendar's buttons (from the left)*
    1. 「GO」button: Move to select the level of the game.
    2. 「Today」button: Go back to today's date.
    3. 「Left&Right」button: Move dates right to left.
    4. 「Graph」button: You can see the graph of your records. It can be displayed by each level.
    5. 「Crown」button: Display your best scores.