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    Gastronomy in Mexico invites visitors to enjoy the finest delicacies, combining pre-Hispanic and Spanish flavors, giving rise to great-tasting dishes, becoming one of the richest and most diverse styles worldwide. Gastronomy in Mexico gives the most pleasant flavors, through the use of a number of ingredients, which are distinguished beans, chile, corn and various dishes typically touches belonging to Europe, giving life to one of the most rich culinary cultures of the Americas. Gastronomy in Villahermosa is one of the most well-known expressions in Mexican territory, with sources attributed to various culinary trends from the Mayan culture and Chontal, visitors to this region can enjoy the most exquisite dishes prepared with the finest vegetables, herbs and various fish, as well as native fruits of this wonderful area. A perfect alternative is to experience the cuisine in Tlaxcala, where you can enjoy dishes with long history, from the origins of the oldest Mexican towns , using local ingredients such as corn and amaranth. So, you have the chance to taste the soup of beans, cream corn smut, tortilla soup and many other delights. For its part, the cuisine in Puerto Vallarta invites you to enjoy the best international dishes, with meals Mexican typically fish-based seasoning and details from the kitchen of old towns of the region. Visitors can sample the best drinks in the area, like the cool waters of nance, coconut water and Tejuino, among many others. Finally, we recommend to enjoy the cuisine in Acapulco, where you will find regional dishes, national and international links among which distinguish the ceviche, clams, fish, octopus in vinegar and the world famous fish size. In addition, we advise you not to miss the opportunity to enjoy bites Puerto Marques and pork filling, two culinary wonders of the area. In this way, the food in Mexico invites you to enjoy the most exquisite dishes, which make of this land a very special place for lovers of the culinary universe, with a unique identity and distinctive flavors from around the world.

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