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    Description's App calculates all important Mikvah dates and times automatically. It allows users to update their calendars, view their upcoming important dates & histories, and contact a Rabbi. Users can login from's website or app as they please.
    Mikvah Calendar .com Requires internet access. After 60 days, membership as low as $16/year is required.
    Mikvah Calendar features:
    •Times & Dates Automatically Calculated & Explained
    •Ashkenazic, Sefardic, & Chabad Customs
    •Email & SMS Reminders
    •Ask the Rabbi
    • Most Advanced Kavuah Pattern Calculations in the World
    •Estimated Ovulation Reminder
    •Print friendly format for personal records
    •Traveling to Cities in Different Time Zones
    •International Travel
    •Daylight Savings Time
    •Leap years
    •Mikvah night falls on an Anticipated Flow
    •Mikvah night falls on Yom Kippur or Tish'a B'av
    •A woman who had a successful Hefsek Tahara but then an unsuccessful Internal Examination
    •English, Hebrew, French, Spanish,Russian
    Mikvah Calendar .com is Rabbinically approved.
    Tool for Taharat Hamishpachah, Niddah, Family Purity, Mikvah, vestos veset, Onah Beinonit, beinonis, Onah Benonis, Onah Benonit, vest, family purity, mikvah, Mikveh, Mikva, Your Home

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