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    Published: 2013-04-04, by Peter Warrior.

    Mix different photos of yourself

    • Easy to use, fun
    • Free
    • It might have far more options and stuff

    "This or this?"

    Do you know when in a film a chick enters in the wardrobe and you're flashed with umpteen different outfits in ten seconds? Well, that would be the idea of Mix Me. This is how it works: you take a first pic of yourself or your dearest friend and drag the guiding lines you'll see on screen to let the app know where the neck and the waist are. Then, change your outfit and take a new pic within the same session. Repeat till you have emptied your wardrobe.

    When you have enough pics, comes the fun. Your screen will be divided into three parts and you'll be able to swipe to change among the up-waist and down-waist parts, combining different models and helping you to get new ideas to wear. You can save each session separately and manage and share them accordingly.

    We would have liked to find some standard pics with standard pieces of cloth or some way to paste additional content over, but it's an entertaining app anyway, though it's more oriented to teens and shopping lover adults rather than professional purposes. This app comes for free, but you can upgrade it to premium if you need to store an unlimited number of sessions and photos (and get rid of ads)

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 04, 2013


    Stylish New Feature: Virtually try on clothes from your favorite brands and match them with your own!

    Imagine bringing your wardrobe with you everywhere. Imagine mixing your clothes on the move, while coming from work or going to the gym. Imagine having your own closet organizer, while being able to try on your clothes virtually - how does that sound?

    It’s time to stop imagining because creating your virtual closet and being able to organize clothes on the go is now possible with Mix Me.

    Fun and easy to use, Mix Me will never leave you unprepared for a cool party, an important event or when you need style help!

    Organize your closet, match outfits, and get ready to look like a star with the help of your fashion app!

    Now you can try on clothes online, match them with your own and shop if you want to!
    • Virtually try on clothes from your favorite brands and match them with your own.
    • See which clothes you already have in your closet and which clothes you would like to have.
    • Shop the items you like, with the help of you virtual closet fashion app.

    Organize your outfits when traveling or for when you are too busy, so that you can fully concentrate on other important things!

    Mix Me can become your digital wardrobe and help you when you are shopping. You will see which are the clothes that you already have and you can also mix them with the clothes that you want to buy, in order to have an accurate comparison and to organize your closet better.

    For even more fun – mix and share outfits with your friends, create a fashion collage or just see how you could dress up for the next party you will be attending.

    Mix Me – Your Virtual Closet helps you mix and match your wardrobe, organize your closet, plan outfits, have fun – all of these - while rediscovering your clothes!

    Mix Me – Your Virtual Closet Features :

    - Good quality pictures.
    - Auto-focus supported.
    - Store photos on the SD Card.
    - Load your pictures from your phone's gallery.
    - Create different sessions to organize outfits inside your fashion app.
    - Try on clothes online and buy your favorite clothes online.
    - Browse and mix photos to try on different styles.
    - Share different clothes combinations with your friends via third-party apps or on social media.
    - Create outfits and save them in your virtual wardrobe.
    - No Wi-Fi connection needed for your virtual closet!
    - Easily delete unwanted images from your virtual fashion app.
    - A great help tutorial to get you started to mix clothes efficiently.

    Premium Features:
    - Unlimited number of sessions for mixing clothes.
    - Unlimited number of fashion photos.
    - No ads.

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    In order to mix clothes and to create outfits, Mix Me uses a mechanism that allows you to move the lines every time you create a new collection inside the fashion app (before you take the 1st picture).

    The lines will be blocked afterwards in order to make the gallery browsing consistent and in order for the clothes to mix great together. The markers that set the neck and waist points can be changed freely throughout the sessions of the fashion app, for a better mix and match wardrobe experience.

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