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    Published: 2013-11-21, by .

    Graph your moods as they happen, and check out the moods of other users

    • Enter your mood whenever you please
    • Colorful tracking over time
    • Compare your mood to the "global" mood
    • Can only make entries private if you upgrade

    "Feeling moody?"

    Knowing how you're feeling as the days go by is useful information, whether just for personal observation or for sharing with a doctor. If you're into the idea of publicly tracking your minute-by-minute mood swings, give Matthew Windwer's Moodtrack a go.

    Create a dynamic graph of your moods as they happen. Log a mood absolutely whenever you feel like it - there's no limit to how many times you can check in each day. Describe your mood in as few or as many words as you please, then rank it on a scale of 1-5 to chart it on the graph over time.

    Your entry will be added into the public database of entries, which you can check out yourself as well. Tap on any one circle to see the detailed entry, or to look at the profile and history of that particular user. You can follow users that especially interest you and add comments of advice or support.

    If you upgrade to premium, you'll have the option of private tracking as well.

    Socially tracking your moods over time can be a really interesting project - you just might learn something about yourself using Matthew Windwer's Moodtrack.

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    Nov 21, 2013


    Graph your moods on the fly. Track as little or as often as you want (mood-swings? no problem!), whenever you want (at home, on the go, and even without Internet!), and look back to see your moods over weeks, months, and years to learn about yourself.

    See what others are going through and optionally chat anonymously. Form instant friendships and support networks. Get help when you need it, and give support when you feel like it.

    An optional upgrade is available to keep your journal private. Everything else is free.

    - Works offline, and syncs when you’re online (must turn on sync)
    - Share with a counselor or friend
    - Track as often as you want, whenever your want
    - Daily reminders
    - View on your computer
    - Perfect for fun, support, self awareness, and self discovery
    - Perfect for tracking health, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, pms, and monitoring symptoms

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