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    Mother Earth Living magazine is the authority on naturally healthy and sustainable lifestyles, and our new Mother Earth Living library app acts as a virtual library of our digital content. After downloading the app, you can browse through our resources and download those that most interest you. From natural cleaning recipes and beauty advice to a collection of our best articles on herbal healing, the content in the Mother Earth Living library app will inspire you to live wisely and live well. New resources and digital issues will appear within the app as they become available.

    More on what you’ll find in the Mother Earth Living library app:
    Homemade Household Cleaners:
    Our Homemade Household Cleaners resource gives you a foolproof way to know exactly what’s in your cleaning products—by making them yourself using 25 simple, inexpensive recipes. Choose the type of cleaner you want to make by room or purpose, and Homemade Household Cleaners will give you the all-natural, easy-to-find ingredients and steps to create your own natural cleaning arsenal. 
    Most household products contain dozens of harmful chemicals that might have serious side effects on your family’s health. Homemade Household Cleaners gives you a full list of the most offending ingredients and their potential health risks.
    With a few simple, inexpensive grocery-store ingredients, you can clean every part of your home without chemicals or packaging waste. DIY cleaning will soon become second nature, and your home will look, feel and smell naturally fresh with Homemade Household Cleaners app.

    Guide to Herbal Remedies:

    This resource makes herbal health simple by breaking down 20 herbs you should know and 20 health concerns you probably want to know more about.

    Choose from our list of herb profiles to learn more about standout healers such as aloe, an African succulent that can be completely neglected and still produce a cooling gel for superficial burns, cuts, poison oak and insect bites; milk thistle, a prickly plant that makes a great liver tonic; or turmeric, a golden spice that has a myriad of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and astringent properties. Search through our list of common disorders to discover herbal remedies for health concerns such as arthritis (willow bark tea can help ease arthritic symptoms), cholesterol (one clove of garlic a day can decrease total cholesterol by about 9 percent) and insomnia (stuff a handful of hops strobiles into a sleep pillow).

    If you’re looking for natural ways to treat common ailments, then this easy-to-use resource is a perfect fit for you.

    Guide to Women’s Health:
    Our special issue about women’s health contains invaluable information for staying healthy and happy at any age.
    Uncover natural remedies for every stage of life; learn which herbs help build better bones; defend against depression and relieve stress; peek inside our natural beauty box for a variety of body-care recipes, including moisturizing facials and rejuvenating hair rinses; tackle health concerns in the kitchen with antioxidant-rich berries, healthful iced teas, vitamin-rich greens and age-defying superfoods; and better your body, mind and spirit with breathing techniques, beneficial yoga postures and tips for better sex.
    The Mother Earth Living Guide to Women’s Health is truly a woman’s best friend.

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