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    It is not just another music application in the long list of applications.Music for soul provides you Divine Music everyday of the month for meditation contemplation and concentration. Your patience will soon bring you the notes of the music composed by The Divine Mother and Sunil-da.

    THE MOTHER( SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM):She played on New Year's Day and on some other occasions. These were recorded from the 1950s.From 1965, the Mother entrusted the composition and recording of New Year Music to Sunil, and later also asked him to make music for passages she read from Savitri.
    The audio tracks have been encoded as MP3 files and are made available here as free.They are for personal use only.
    "There is a domain far above the mind which we could call the world of Harmony and, if you can reach there, you will find the root of all harmony that has been manifested in whatever form upon earth. For instance, there is a certain line of music, consisting of a few supreme notes, that was behind the productions of two artists who came one after another - one a concerto of Bach, another a concerto of Beethoven. The two are not alike on paper and differ to the but in their essence they are the same. One and the same vibration of consciousness, one wave of significant harmony touched both these artists. Beethoven caught a larger part, but in him it was more mixed with the inventions and interpolations of his mind; Bach received less, but what he seized of it was purer. The vibration was that of victorious emergence of consciousness, consciousness tearing itself out of unconsciousness in a triumphant uprising and birth.
    If by Yoga you are capable of reaching this source of all art, then you are master, if you will, of all the arts. " - The Mother
    Sunil Bhattacharya (3-11-1920 - 30-4-1998):
    Sunil came to Pondicherry in 1942 and joined the Ashram's Centre of Education as one of its first teachers. He taught mathematics and botany. His love for these subjects was avid as well as contagious.
    Sunil's New Year's Music had its genesis with the Mother. At the beginning of each new year, the Mother gave a special message and played original themes on the organ. In 1958, the Mother asked Sunil to orchestrate something based upon the broad outlines of one of her organ compositions. This became the New Year's Music of 1959. The Mother was so pleased with the music that beginnning with the year 1965, she asked Sunil to compose the annual new year music himself. This he did until his passing in 1998.
    In 1966, the Mother asked Sunil to set her readings from Sri Aurobindo's epic masterpiece Savitri to music. She wrote to him, "Toi seul peut faire cette musique comme il convient." (You alone can do this music as it should be done). Continuously for over thirty years, this music was Sunil's preoccupation and labor. Sunil's music is part of the Ashram life today. Some call it Ashram music, and others, not familiar with Sunil, even call it the Mother's music. In fact, Sunil himself always said it was the Mother's, for he took his inspiration from her; it was at her insistence that he began his musical explorations. His music has an unmistakable texture, and though it changed appreciably in tonal content from the early days of pedal-organs to the recent timbres of modern synthesisers, there remains a distinctive touch which can only be called Sunil's.

    The Mother, while describing some experience...
    ... suddenly I heard, as if they came from all the corners of the earth, those great notes one sometimes hears in the subtle physical, a little like those of Beethoven's Concerto in D-major, which come in moments of great progress, as though fifty orchestras had burst forth all in unison, without a single false note, to express the joy of this new communion between Nature and Spirit, the meeting of old friends who come together again after having been separated for so long.

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