My Offline Bible





    Faith comes by reading the bible, also by the phone!! Totally offline, no internet connection required.

    What's nice?
    - It's a Totally Free App!!!
    - No Internet Connection required to read the bible in the app;
    - It's complete, with all books, chapters and versicles contained in a paper bible.
    - TTS (Text to Speech) Feature: Your Bible with Voice
    - Works in all screen resolutions and android devices since version 2.2
    - Anual Read Plan: Three chapters per week day, four chapters per weekend day.
    - You can order books alphabetically
    - Intuitive Header, with fast menu options
    - Night Mode: dark background and white font, to save battery;
    - Personal Annotation by Versicle
    - Increase or decrease the font size
    - Add to Favorites List
    - Daily Devotional: versicles updated daily for your devotional, with option to receive a notification in the time you want.
    - Highlight versicles with your preferred color
    - Search with the possibility of multi-word search
    - Search Options: All the Bible, by Book, by Testament (Old or New), by division (Pentateuch, History, Books of Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, History-Gospels, Church History, Paul's Letters, General Letters and Revelation);
    - Search by terms in all the bible, one specific book, Old Testament or New Testament. And now with multi words search.
    - Share Bible versicles on Facebook, WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS and others (twitter, facebook, whatsapp, google plus, etc);
    - Copy to Clipboard Feature, to paste in your preferred app: send message, chat programs like twitter, facebook, whatsapp, google plus, etc.
    - History Log
    - Possibility of moving the application to external storage (SD Card)
    - Languages:
    - English
    * ASV - American Standard Version
    * KJB - King James Bible - 1611 Authorized Version, similar to KJV version
    - Portuguese
    * JFA - João Ferreira de Almeida
    * NVI - Nova Versão Internacional
    - Spanish
    * RV - Reina Valera
    - Paypal donation.
    - Auto Scroll
    - Option to Invite Facebook Friends
    - Themes Selection: Light, Dark, Pink, Teal, Cyan
    - NEW FEATURE: Data Backup/Restore

    Found any problems or bugs in the app? Please let me know and i will solve it as soon as possible.

    Sacred Reading Church

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