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    With My Safety Alert™, your family and friends can easily locate and track you in "real time" during any emergency or any stressful situation.

    My Safety Alert™ has two very simple but effective features:

    • An “ALERT” function to notify multiple nominated contacts when you need assistance (minimum 2, maximum 4 contacts)

    • A “WHERE ARE YOU" location sharing function, for one-on-one sharing of location details with just you and one of your contacts.

    SINCERE THANK YOU to the 1500+ users to date that have downloaded the original free version of My Safety Alert…..we have now placed a price on this new version of the app as we are proudly donating a portion of the NET proceed of each download to the “Isabella and Marcus Paediatric Brainstem Tumour Fund”
    PLEASE SUPPORT US in funding research into paediatric brainstem tumours, and join many others in this worthy cause.
    For more information on the Fund, go to:


    Think about some of the times when you or a loved one, have been in one of 'those' stressful situations…
    • are you walking alone in a dark car park?
    • are you meeting up with friends but don’t know where to find them?
    • have you been in a car accident and need help?
    • do you have a medical condition and need someone to find you?
    • are you being bullied and need someone to know your location?
    • are you on public transport late at night and want a loved one to track your movements?
    • are you in the wrong place at the wrong time?
    • or do you simply just need someone to find you?

    By downloading and using My Safety Alert, a simple click of a button will alert or notify your loved ones of your location, allow you to "live" track each other…and provide you all with a bit of peace of mind in those stressful situations.


    Upon downloading the app, go to the settings page, click on "Add Your Details", input your details and "Save". Then still from the settings page, click on "My Safety Alert Contacts" to see who of your contacts already have the app for you to select them as your app contacts, or click on "Invite Your Friends" to send an invite to any of your phone are now ready to start....


    Once your contacts are selected on the settings page, press the red ALERT button on the Home screen and your nominated contacts will,
    1. receive your message via a push notification
    2. see a map and address of your location,
    3. track your live movements in real time on the map as the GPS continuously refreshes your location.

    There is no ‘alarm’ sound on your (the senders’) device to potentially draw unwanted attention to you. However your contacts (the receivers of the Alert) will receive an ‘alarm’ sound on their device to ensure they can hear that an Alert has been sent to them.

    Furthermore, receivers of the Alert are able to see and call each other, therefore can immediately know who is closest to your location to be able to assist you.


    This feature has been designed to enable a simple message and location share to be sent to ONE of your phone book contacts – a definite “must have” for many parents….or just a bit of fun amongst your close friends…

    Simply click on the ‘Where r u’ tab on the bottom bar, select a contact, click on “Send”, and your nominated contact will receive a notification asking them to accept sharing their location with you.

    Once they accept, you will both be able to…
    1. see a map and address of both your locations
    2. track each others live movements in real time on the map as the GPS continuously refreshes your location.

    Location sharing is easily stopped by either party simply clicking on the “cancel” button.

    Stay safe with My Safety Alert™

    (Please note that this application is not intended to replace emergency services, and coverage is dependent on your mobile network and GPS connection. Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease your battery life.)