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    This GPS tracker can record audio with text and photos, text and pictures can be sent to GMail and Twitter.

    How to use
    Will start recording by tapping the Record button.
    When you exit the application after the start of recording, recording will continue.
    When you want to enter notes,tap the "Note" button after recording.
    "Pause" button temporarily stop recording,"stop" button is stop the recording .

    The recorded data are displayed on the map and notes are displayed on the markers.
    Note balloon appears when you tap the marker on the map.
    Photos displayed in the balloon is expanded by tapping.
    Speaker icon in the balloon is playing by tapping.

    Registered Marker from Clip in the menu is Always shown on a map.
    Behavior of Clip marker is same the note marker.
    The clip display selection dialog is displayed by pressing and holding the map.

    logs data list display is switch to "Log" tab of the main screen. clip data list display is switch to "Clip" tab.
    Display item position to center of map with Tap the list item.
    Delete Edit menu appears Press and hold the item.

    You can list of recorded routes to tap the "Log" button.
    Load the logs with tap this item.
    log menu appears Press and hold this item.
    Load the logs with tap this item, and log menu appears Press and hold this item.
    From the log menu You can choose to "Create a KMZ" "Export file" "Name edit" "Delete logs".
    The exported file can be read from the Import menu.
    KMZ file that you create can be viewed in Google Earth of a personal computer.

    !!! NOTE !!!
    function of clips is no restrictions to Number of registered.
    but, if you create too many clips, may slow down the MyTracks.

    ## Request for Review ##
    Please write a review.
    Review will be encouraging the development and I can improve the MyTracks.

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