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    Have you ever met a Bruce who was innocent knucklehead? Do you think a girl called Sky has never sunbaked in the nude? Why is that?

    Scroll through 2000+ names and discover the eerie relationship between the sound of your name and your personality!

    A must-read for parents-to-be and the struggling dinner-party host!

    Like a tiny piece of personalised music, each of us has a name that, like all sounds, evokes some small and subconscious response from those we meet. This collective reaction, over the years of our existence, can gently trickle down and influence who we become. This list, therefore, is a must-have if you are faced with one of the following scenarios...

    You’ve either fallen pregnant – or knocked-up your girlfriend – and are trying desperately to arrive at a baby name that won’t destroy the child’s life.

    You work with an idiot and you wonder how they became an idiot.

    Your parents didn’t have access to this list and they mysteriously called you Nigel, Colleen, Sharon or Kingston, and you wonder why people seem to treat you differently.
    You need help getting your guests at the dinner-party to talk and/or laugh and/or think.


    Seven years ago, David Hocking visited a friend for coffee and from out of the blue - and with an excited smile on her face from something that happened the night before - she asked him, “So, Dave, what would you think if I had a boyfriend called ‘Murray’?”

    Continuing the joke, David ran the name through his head a few times and a picture suddenly appeared in his mind.

    Thus, the first name theory was born...

The name given to the phenomenon of dropping a bucket that is half-filled with mud. After it hits the ground most of it slops straight up and hits you in the face as you stand there. “Oh Murray!” you cry. He’s tolerated in the country, indeed he’s very funny, but city folk just don’t understand him.

The joke then grew from Murray to Patrick, to Andrew, to Malcolm, and spread to hundreds of names, because it was funny - and because it often seemed to be uncannily true. After a time, ‘Hock’ realized that names are just like miniature star signs.....and now there’s a guide with more than 2000 names on the list. Here are some examples...

    Emma: Like the surface of a swollen river after the monsoon, she’s smooth and bubbling on the surface, but all those m’s are almost too perfect to be true because beneath them is a chaotic riverbed of drama and complexity. Befriend one and you must ask yourself the question: Can I swim?

    Ken: Ken rhymes with brick.

    Jodie: Similar to a gorgeous looking feral cat, if you corner her or make her angry there is a fair chance you won’t live to tell the tale. But, feed her well, stay out of her way if she’s in a bad mood and mind what you say in her presence and you’ll be fine!

    Hunter: Delusional.

    Liz: In a past life her name was Geoff.

    Paul: Paul is an interesting persona. A polite man whose depths sometimes take years to see, he’s intelligent enough, normal enough and he almost never falls ill. To maintain a perfect balance in his life, however, he must perform some semi-evil act every six months. Paul is a deceptively tall name and without some kind of dirty little secret to keep him real, he’d just topple over.

    Question: Do you smile to yourself, even just a tiny bit, whenever you meet someone who has exactly the same name as you? Is it because some small morsel of your soul is reassured that, finally, here is someone who understands exactly what it means to be utterly and uniquely you? Do you have a sense of humour?


    Well, the only thing that links you to these people is how your name looks and sounds! Goodluck!..

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