Necessa is a versatile "things to do"-application.

    Needs can be thought to be prudent or they can relaxed. They could also be seen as arising to consciousness and be felt as emotions, but yet a suitable word for defining those emotions might not be immediately available. A need could be a forcing kind or it could fit easily to one's daily routines. Most common type of need might be getting some object, but a need could also be related to a conversation with another human being or it could have something to do with using a service of some type.

    After recognizing a need in oneself - so clearly that it is possible to define, where it can be handled - it can be added to the Necessa-application; next time it is even quicker to mark it as a current need. It is not required to define considerable things as exactly as possible, but it might become useful to use a more detailed description than just "something good", for example.