Network Thermostat

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    The official Android app for controlling Network Thermostat's NET/X Wi-Fi communicating thermostat: “The world’s most flexible Wi-Fi Thermostat” and winner of the WFX 2012 Best HVAC Product award.

    Foxglove Labs is dedicated to an ease-of-use, user-centric approach to their app design, and as such has created an app which alleviates the complexity normally associated with HVAC systems. This, in combination with such a robust thermostat, has created the simplest – yet most flexible – control point for your HVAC integration.

    With this app, the end user can control an almost limitless number of thermostats anywhere in the home -- or anywhere in the world.
    Heating, Air Conditioning, Fan modes, Zone Power, override programmed schedules...

    - Did you forget to turn off the Air Conditioning when you went on vacation? Can’t remember? One click away.

    - On your way home early from the office and want the house warm on your return? One click away.

    Study after study has shown that mobile, interactive HVAC control is one of the most powerful ways we can reduce our individual carbon footprint, power consumption, and the monthly costs associated with both.

    Foxglove Labs and Network Thermostat:
    Take back control of your environment; anytime, anywhere.

    This app will only work with Network Thermostat's Hardware:

    Coming soon: Tablet optimization, Vacation scheduling, and more.

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