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    Do you have piles of boxes in your closet or storage? Do you know what is in the boxes? Probably you need to open each box to verify the contents. If you have trouble remembering things you stored in the boxes, NFC Storage Tag App and Smart Tag (ST1020) can help.

    NFC Storage Tag App allows you to use Smart Tag ST1020 as a rewritable storage tag. NFC Storage Tag App is an application for creating a storage tag so that you can keep track of things you store. Once you create a list of items for Smart Tag and enter information on what you store, you can find things in the box by just touching Smart Tag with your Smartphone.

    Creating a storage tag is simple - take a picture and enter each item through NFC Storage Tag App. After you create a list of the items, touch the Smart Tag with your smartphone. When finished, put Smart Tag on the box and store it.

    [NFC Storage Tag App Users Guide]

    [About Smart Tag ST1020]

    Required environment:

    * Android OS 2.3.3 or later
    * NFC-enabled Smartphone
    * marblePORT (Smart Tag communication app) can be installed for free by downloading from Google Play.
    * Smart Tag ST1020 (product of AIOI Systems Co. Ltd.)

    NFC Storage Tag App functions:

    * Create : Create a Storage Tag
    * View : View the contents of Storage
    * Delete : Delete Storage Data from Smart Tag and your Android phone (SD card).
    * Category :Register and Remove category. 10 categories are already pre registered.
    * Background color :Change back ground color. Default color is pink.

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