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    No more wasting time on the phone or standing in line to fill your prescriptions. Now you can download our newest mobile app to help make your pharmacy needs even easier. This app will save you time with its ability to fill or refill any and all of your prescriptions right from your mobile device. Your prescriptions are sent directly to our pharmacy through this app and when you get the time your prescriptions will be ready for quick pick up! Life just got easier!

    About Us:
    As an integral part of health care in our community, Niagara Urgent Care PharmaChoice offers you and your family a level of personal service that is second to none. If we don't offer what you are looking for please ask, we can probably help.
    As your most accessible health care provider, Niagara Urgent Care PharmaChoice is able to offer you many health services you never expected. The PharmaChoice philosophy is embodied in our slogan "Advice for Life" and we live that promise every day.
    Niagara Urgent Care PharmaChoice provides more than pharmacy and health services. For your convenience, we offer many additional services that are sure to make your life a little less stressful.


    -An ability to easily request fill and refill transactions without going to the store
    -Contact or locate the pharmacy quick and easily directly from the app
    -Receive notifications directly from the pharmacy
    -Link to the store’s Social Networking pages (Facebook and Twitter)