nio Tag is a unique Bluetooth accessory. It works with a family of innovative applications that find and protect what matters most to you. Simply attached nio Tag onto any item you wish to keep with you, or carry a nio Tag with you so your don’t lose your smartphone or tablet.

    nio Tag can also be used to enhance or control key functions on your smartphone or tablet and give you feedback on what’s happing around you.

    With a unique design and over 4-months of continuous use between charges, nio Tag is the gold standard in loss prevention for what matters most to you.


    - Operational range (wireless chain) of up to 25 meters
    - Light indicators for status and alarm
    - Audible and vibration alerts on alarm
    - On/Off button
    - Detachable clip so that nio Tag can be worn
    - Choice of coloured lanyard for attaching to key chain

    nio Tag nio comes with 5 FREE apps for your smartphone that help protect what matters most to you
    1. nio Chain: Loss prevention
    2. nio Locate: Find missing items attached to your nio Tag
    3. Motion Alert: If someone tries to move your tagged belongings
    4. nio Guard: Theft deterrent
    5. nio Tracking: See your alerts on a map


    With a growing community of developers, no other Bluetooth accessory brings so many new applications and unique benefits to your smartphone or tablet.

    nio apps protect access to your smartphone and enhance how you use it.

    Up-coming apps include:
    - nio Alert
    - nio Reminders
    - nio SoftTag
    - nio Safe (data protection)
    - nio Fit (activity monitor)
    - nio Snap-shot (remote camera control for your smartphone)


    App Supported by the following devices: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 3 only.
    Although you can download and use the app on any Android 4.3 device that supports Bluetooth 4.

    "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."


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