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    This software uses the ancient technique of Gematria to transform your personal data into numbers which describe your personality and future.
    Discover your talents, possible working roles and your purpose in life. You will also be able to better understand your desires and dark sides of the people surrounding you.
    Each number is combined with a beautiful colour picture and a thorough description.

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    This software springs up from Guido Rossetti’s idea.
    Ever since the 90's he has been the first researcher to interpret and describe numbers as Archetypes based on C. Gustav Jung's, James Hillman's and Marie Louise Von Franz's principles.
    His aim is to spread this knowledge, also drawing from scientific bases, in order to combine tradition and science.
    He is the author of three books:
    "Le Carte dei Numeri" ("The number cards"), published by Il Punto d'Incontro and two monographs published by the magazine Riza

    • Soul number - It describes the deepest part of the personality. It is linked with Existence, related to the heart's and mind's desires.
    • Personality number - Corresponds to the "public persona" and represents the first impression other people have of us.
    • Expression number - Describes people's nature and what they want to do in their life. This number reveals the general features of one's character and indicates possible working roles.
    • Destiny number - It describes the purpose in this life. It shows your life path, the ideal trajectory that leads you to achieve your goals in life.
    • Quintessence number - This number is a "balancer", to which we can refer to find the meaning of our existence and express our talents.
    • Shadow number - The analysis of the shadow numbers allows to become aware of when we feel unbalanced. This lack of balance causes the psychological stress which is deep-seated in us ever since childhood.
    • Personal year number - The personal number of the current year identifies the Archetype that is activated during these 12 month. In Numerology, every year of your life is part of a model of evolution that develops over a cycle of nine years.

    • Personal day number - This number describes the energy of the day and helps finding possible opportunities.

    Numerology is an ancient discipline that studies personality. Pythagoras was one of the greatest experts in the field. Pythagoreans believed that numbers were divine cosmic principles, essential energies that represent the very core of existence. Each number was believed to represent an Archetype, a specific kind of behaviour that played its role in shaping personality.

    Numerology helps you to :
    - Know yourself better, to nurture your talents
    - Know your partner better, in order to improve your relationship
    - Understand how compatible you are with your partner, in order to discover similarities and improve your relationship
    - Help your children express their potential
    - Discover your talents, to fulfil your purpose in life
    - Know and understand what you are going through at the moment, to find your direction and make your dreams come true
    - Make important decisions, both personal and work-related
    - Understand how to be professionally fulfilled
    - Manage change, in order to turn difficulties into opportunities

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