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    Okiyoyo (Alarm Clock)

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    The game-like alarm clock. Holidays are also compatible with 8 countries.

    Sister unknowingly stop the alarm, do not experience it had overslept?

    This application is best for you such alarm clocks.

    Morning will be the same as a normal alarm clock alarm.
    This is where is the great thing about this alarm clock.

    I can not stop the alarm does not clear and simple game.

    The game is a simple game Press the number nine in ascending order, the sleep-fogged state, it may difficult.
    Be moved to the head and eyes and fingers correctly, the alarm will not stop.

    This alarm clock, that is not oversleep.

    When you clear the game, you should probably wake.

    Has been enhanced alarm clock function as well.

    - Alarms can be set is up to seven.
    - You snooze features.
    - Repeat the alarm every day, day of the week, weekdays, holidays, you can choose from five only once.
    - Correspond to the eight countries holidays. (Japan, America, Korea, UK, Spain, Germany, France, China)
    - How to stop the alarm, and game modes to choose from normal. Normally, the same as a normal alarm.
    - The setting can also be forced to play a sound in silent mode.

    Now you are rid of even slept in it.

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