Old Contacts




    We can find a lot of old contact numbers in our Smart Phone.

    It could be something miss and even curious later to delete the numbers of ex-lovers, seniors of ex-company, employees of home-delivery service.
    All numbers of contacts can be exposed thru messenger, facebook, kakaotok and others but you may not know it.

    Even you just save numbers, some of them know your number and they send you messages to play games via kakaotok.

    However, you don't need to worry about it.
    You can save and keep unimportant numbers separately out of old contacts.
    Even if they will be deleted from contacts, you can find out them when you get calls or texts because the numbers are save in old contacts.

    Key Functions

    - Save numbers to old contacts and prevent them from exposing thru messenger, facebook, kakaotok and others.
    - Although you don't have numbers in current contacts, you can find out them when you get calls/texts
    - You can classify contacts by assigning memo and group
    - Search an initial sound, words and phone numbers.
    - Able to backup and recovery numbers based on file

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