Om Dhyan




    Om meditation is a form of yoga which brings peace, focus and strength to you mind and body.
    Om is the universal sound which you will hear in the vaccum.

    Sit in padamasana posture and close your eyes while chanting OM. when you chant om, the sound creats vibrations in your inner body and brings harmony amoung all the inner body organs.
    The meditation methods is to fill your lungs with air then slowly release while chanting Om.
    your focus should be on your forehead, eyes closed, should be done in morning, in calm place. just 5-10 min daily will bring great results.

    Om meditation is one of the oldest way of meditaion. Om is the primary sound of Vedas which stands for Gods of gods, creater of this universe. After birth Om is the first sound that any child create.

    Note: Use headphone for best results.
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