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    Need quick access to church events, our events, service times and anything else that you can use to stay in touch with Omega Church? Our app provides solutions to these and many other features that will help you stay focused during services, stay up to date on special occasions, news and accomplishments and also other tools to help you serve in a more efficient manner.

    Our app features include:

    - Service Times: Want to personally come in and congregate with your spiritual family but don't know our service hours? The “Services” tab conveniently displays the dates and hours of all of our weekly services so it's right at your fingertips.

    - Connect: Here at Omega church, we care about our spiritual family and want everyone member to stay up to date with events and news. We understand the importance of social networking and the impact it can make on our members. That's why we h have social networking conveniently integrated into our app.

    - Events: Want to participate and volunteer at one of our upcoming events or services? Using our "Events" tab, we post dates of upcoming events so that you organize your time around our events and special occasions ahead of time. Push "Events" to see what occasions are coming soon!

    - Bible: Quick access to many versions of the Bible are available conveniently at your fingertips. Now you don't need to wait to get home to enjoy reading some scriptures. Just open our app it's all available to you there.

    - Sermon Notes: Are you amazed at the great preparation of the speaker and want to take notes on their speech? With our app, you have a notepad for service and sermon notes available to you where ever you take your phone. No need to carry around a notebook and pen.

    - Testimonies: Want to show your support for a specific community, person or your spiritual family in general? Want to share motivational experiences with your spiritual family or make a prayer for somone in the world or in your community? Our "Testimonies" feature enables you do all the sharing you wish and let's you see what testimonies other members of your spiritual family are giving.

    - Prayer Request: We at Omega Church know how important it is to have a shoulder to lean on when facing the many obstacles in life. That is why our prayer team is always in prayer for the various needs of our members, their families and the everyday needs of our city, state and the world. Want us to pray for you? Just record a message for us explaining the troubles or the person you want us to pray for and we'll take care of the rest.

    - Around Us: Points of interest, shopping locations and local restaurants near Omega Church are all conveniently displayed in a map with descriptions in case you are looking for somewhere to spend time with your family after worship.

    - Send Photo: Want to share your happiest moments at Omega Church with us? Send us photos of your worship experience, fun and memories while at an Omega event so we can add them to our gallery.

    - QR Scanner: A convenient QR Scanner is available for you no matter where you are. No need to download a dedicated QR Scanner app for QR Code purposes.

    Omega Church App has all of these and more features that you're sure to use every single day. To use these and other features download our app today.

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