OnTimeAlarm(Notification on time)
    - Remind me of the alert tone, MP3, voice, or vibration specified on the hour of the hour(every hour, every 50 minutes, every 45 minutes, every 40 minutes).
    Status bar displays date and day(solar/lunar), speak memo, battery full charge alert
    - Use it useful.

    [Setting procedure]
    Setting access permissions > Excluding battery optimization settings > Exclude from the power saving function of the manufacturer itself

    [Core Functions]
    1. 2011-04-05 Launched distribution, Made In Korea
    2. OnTimeAlarm: every hour, every 50 minutes, every 45 minutes, every 40 minutes
    - Use the user setting volume, every hour, also to say today's day.
    3. Home widget displays the current date and time, lunar calendar, next notification time
    4. Set the user alert sound(mp3)
    - Uses hourly custom alert sound instead of default hourly alert sound
    5. User memo settings
    - To say the user's memo each hour
    6. View status bar date
    - Includes lunar calendar, month, date format: 2019-01-01
    - Samsung smartphones will display status bar notifications in color(Sat/Sun Red), but other phones are displayed in white solid color.
    7. Battery charge notification
    - Remaining battery capacity % indication, to say battery full charge notification, to say battery charge required, charge start/stop notification, full charge/charge required notification count setting, volume to use phone media volume
    8. App Notice/Korea News
    - App Notice and Current Time Korea News 50
    9. Maxim icon(Show/Hide)
    - More than 300 Random Maxim
    10. Reset your app settings
    - Initialize all app settings.
    11. Support English and Korean.
    - Chinese, Japanese will be supported later
    12. See How to setup the developer blog displayed in the app

    [App permission setting required]
    1. File, Save permission: It is necessary to set the user's media file(mp3) as the notification sound.
    2. Telephone permission: To stop the OnTimeAlarm notification when a call comes in, or not to run onTimeAlarm notification when a call is in progress.

    [Exclude Battery Optimization]
    * If the Android OS of your phone is more than marshmallow(6.0)
    1. Due to the battery optimization function of Android, normal operation may not be possible. For normal operation, please use the menu "Ignore Battery Optimization" to exclude the OnTimeAlarm from battery optimization.
    2. In addition, in case of Samsung phone, you need to directly add the notification app on the Samsung's unique power saving function as "non-power saving app".
    Ex) Android 8.0 Oreo and Galaxy S7
    Device maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps > Add apps > Select OnTimeAlarm
    3. If you do not see the status bar date(lunar), day of the week notification, please set the OnTimeAlarm notification to allow notification using the "Allow notification settings" menu.

    [Exclude from Power Saving Target]
    Samsung phones(Android 6.0 ~ Android 8.1) and latest LG phones(with Android 9.0 ~) have built-in power saving function.
    In order to operate normally on these phones, the user must manually add the OnTimeAlarm app to the non-power saving application(Samsung) or the power saving feature exception application(LG).

    Tested smartphone
    * SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (Android 9.0)
    * SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 (Android 8.0)
    * LG Nexus 5x (Android 8.1)
    * SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 (Android 6.0)
    * LG G4 (Android 7.0)
    * SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS (Android 4.3)

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