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    Overcome Tinnitus is a superb high quality hypnotherapy App by the UK’s best selling hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold, combining powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state-of-the-art digital recording technology.

    Overcome Tinnitus is a 32-minute hypnotherapy session where you will hear Glenn’s relaxing hypnotic voice overlaid with special sound effects helping to help free you from the unwanted sounds.

    The music in this recording has been produced in certain keys and frequencies to help enhance the hypnotic effect and help to guide you into a deeply relaxed state of mental and physical relaxation. In this very receptive relaxed state you are given a number of post hypnotic and direct suggestions to help you to overcome all problems associated with tinnitus.

    There are also a number of carefully worded background affirmations, which echo and pan from left to right across the stereo range, ideal when using headphones. This deeply relaxing and powerful method of delivering multiple suggestions simultaneously to the unconscious mind can facilitate positive changes very quickly.

    At the end of the recording you will be gently guided to sleep. There are also a number of positive subliminal suggestions, which are embedded in the fade out music adding to the overall effect. This powerful recording is a completely safe and very effective way of helping to overcome the burden of tinnitus.

    Overcome Tinnitus Hypnotherapy Includes:

    Hypnosis Audio Tracks
    • Overcome Tinnitus 35:30 mins
    • 12 Minute Sleep Booster

    eBooks by Glenn Harrold
    • The 7 Golden Sleep Rules
    • The Ultimate Guide To Self Hypnosis
    • How To Use This App
    • About The Author

    This state-of-the-art recording features:

    * The very latest hypnotherapy techniques and state-of-the-art digital recording technology.
    * Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnotic vocal techniques guiding you into a completely relaxed state of mind & body.
    * 60 BPM background sound effects recorded in specific musical keys and frequencies to compliment the hypnotic suggestions and deepen the relaxation effect.
    * Stereo-echoed affirmations, which pan from ear to ear across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing and unique effect.
    * Relaxing Pink Noise and Sea sounds.

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