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    • Parent downloads to child’s smart phone.
    • Parent selects times of day and days of week phone is available for child to use.
    • Parent has ability to select two start and stop times during same day.
    • In lock mode all incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and emails are blocked.
    • Parent selections are password protected.
    • App can be activated or deactivated with correct password.
    • No monthly fees.
    • No Advertising.
    Several years ago, I recognized a serious problem with my middle school daughter’s Smartphone use.

    Maybe you, or someone you know, have experienced the same problem. Our kids are on the phones all hours of the day and night.

    They are too distracted, too tired and too unfocused to do their school work or much of anything, well.

    I couldn’t find a reasonable, compassionate and effective way to help my child. Perhaps, like you, I was discouraged and frustrated.

    So, I created the solution.

    An application for our children’s smartphones that puts you, the parent in control.

    I call it…Parental Time Control - Smartphone.

    Don’t want your children texting, sexting, gaming, surfing or chatting in the middle of the night or during class. My app allows you, the parent, to fast and easily tell the phone to rest…to shut down, during your selected times.

    This is freedom that you or any parent can give their children…temporary freedom from the gaming,…texting… techno… surfing…never ending social loop.

    They will never admit it…but don’t you think your children also want breaks from these never ending distractions? With this app you give them the perfect face saving excuse to rest and refresh. They can simply tell their friends, “my parents made me do it, they shut my phone down.”

    And of course, there are no monthly fees… and no advertising.

    Therefore, if for any reason you are not completely...totally...100 percent satisfied with my new app within the first 90 days....simply let me know.

    I'll refund all of your hassles.


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    special message to you.

    I want to hear from you. Send your email suggestions and comments directly to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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