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    ** This application is only useful to be use in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia **

    Parking MATA is the first Android app that can help Malaysian driver to steer clear of 'summons'

    Alerts Malaysian drivers of parking attendants in the vicinity of their vehicles.

    Warn other drivers when you spot any MATA (parking attendants) by just tapping one button on your phone. And when other drivers do the same, we save each other some pocket money!

    Easy to use, the steps is as easy as 1,2,3

    1. When park your car - TAP the "PARK" button.
    2. Saw parking attendants - TAP the "SAW MATA" button to warn others nearby
    3. When balik rumah - TAP the "UnPark" button.

    Parking MATA will be available for Malaysian on
    * Android Market on 8th September 2011
    * AppStore on 8th October 2011
    * OviStore on 8th November 2011

    ** The app counts on Malaysian drivers banding together to watch one another's back. Upon sighting "MATA" in the carpark, user can use this app to send out alerts to all other users of the app within the same area, so they can rush back to their vehicle to put up a missing parking coupon or to add a new ones **

    Developed by Malaysian for Malaysian Drivers

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