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    Get the ultimate party app! Every time you meet with two or more colleagues will become an occasion for fun, thanks to this new app. Your party’s will be unforgettable! There are 17 in-apps waiting for you to be discovered.


    Prank & Kidding Fun Tools Package:
    Fool a Friend
    Annoy a Teen Tool: Disturb people around you by playing this annoying sound at maximum volume
    Fart Sound Grenade: -Choose when the bomb is going to explode and what kind of fart noise is going to be heard! You can hide the device and let it explode

    Pure Entertainment Package:
    Funny jokes divided in many categories: Jokes about police men, jobs, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, girls, weather, waiter, what, animals etc. The jokes are all available in German, English, Italian and Spanish
    Magic lighter: Works just like a real one. You could also use it at a concert.
    Crazy match

    Bar and Club Group Package:
    Wheel of fortune: Spin the wheel and do whatever it tells you to do. It could be pleasant or maybe less.
    Spin the bottle game: Use this app all those times you are not able to spin a real bottle on the floor but you still want to live the excitement of the bottle game.
    Who pays the bill?

    Crazy Stuff Package:
    Image Faker: A tool to create new fantastic fake pictures that you will be able to send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. Turn yourself or your friend into a pig, monkeys, a shark, a bodybuilder, a fly, a fighter/muscle men, a monster, an alien, a gangster, a skeleton or create other funny pics starring T-rex, different signs, toilet/washroom, urinal, garbage, taxi, etc.
    Fart Man Shaker: Shake your phone! The one who shakes the phone the most will be elected as "Fart Mega Man"!

    Check People Package:
    Lie detector and fingerprint scanner: Determine the truth with your fantastic device! Is it a lie or the truth? Trick your friends and make them believe you have a real FBI/CIA undercover special agent tool.
    Love scan: Get the chance to pick up a conversation with a girl or boy you like with this lovely app.
    Drunken idiot finder

    Advice: By using this tools, do not let you friend discover that you move your finger on the secret slide bar.

    Bald, Ugly and Freaky Package:
    Pull my finger: Pull the 3D finger and hear the different farts
    Stinky A.. Detector: Find out if one of your friends stinks... ;-)
    Fart Bomb Machine: A fart will play when a voice or a noise is too loud. You can set up the sensitivity with one simple slide and choose the trigger modus, sound movement and touch. Extremely funny when the phone is hidden somewhere.

    Some of the most popular party games are bundled into this app.

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