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    This application is perfect for all Party Goers who are looking for that perfect D.J. who is spinning at their favorite place where the party is on and popping in the Tri state Area! All you have to do is search for the name of your favorite D.J. or your favorite Venue and you will find the perfect party at the perfect place, it is just that simple!

    If you are a D.J., a Promoter, or the owner of one of the hottest Venues in the Tri State Area, this APP is a must have! Party NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut is the only application of its magnitude. As a Subscriber, you can post all of your upcoming events, write a Bio, post pictures and music, as well as receive messages connecting you with the entire Tri-State Area! This APP not only connects you to the Party Goers and clientele you have already established. This APP will be connecting you to the Party Goers and clientele of other’s. Isn’t that great!!!!!

    This is how it works: You will send us all of the information regarding your event. The name of the event, date, time, and location. We will list your event within 72 hours and send all of the provided information to all of the subscribers. This APP will give you a wider range of clientele; you may want to cancel your personal website if you have one, because this APP has so much more to offer!!!!

    This application will also allow Party Goers to search for the hottest party by searching for your D.J. Name. Once your name is located, the Party Goers will be able to review all of the details of your event. The Party Goers will also have the option of seeking the name of a Promoter. This option will provide the Party Goers with the information regarding the event the Promoter is promoting. This APP will also allow the Party Goers to search for the hottest party by searching for that popular Venue. The Party Goers will seek the name of the Venue. This would give the Party Goers the address of the Venue and provide the Party Goers with detail information, which will take place at their favorite Venue. This APP is the hottest Party APP thus far!!!!!!!

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