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    Party Planning 2013

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    When Party Planning can see the panic in your eyes already. They're as wide as a deer's caught in a car's headlights. You needn't fear this event. You needn't run from it either.

    Is that how you feel when you host a party? Panicky? Fearful? Ready to run out the back door the minute the front doorbell rings?

    Are you thinking, as the guests file in, "Why in the world did I ever agree to this?"

    Party Planning? Then this book was written with you in mind. I, too, used to avoid hosting parties. When someone even suggested that we just gather at my house for a drink or to play a board game, I'd find some excuse not to.

    So you can imagine my horror when anyone would suggest that I actually host any type of real party.

    The mere act of avoidance just became irritating after a while. So when I was volunteered to host a small group of people for an informal get together, I swallowed my pride (and my heart!) and said yes.

    And then began the dreaded countdown to the event.

    But you know what?

    It wasn't nearly as horrendous as I thought it would be. In fact, my guests seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. So that gave me the courage to do it again.

    That was several years ago. And look at me today, ready -- and even eager -- to host one, anytime, anywhere and for any reason.
    Why not just try embracing it and going with the moment? It may sound daunting and intimidating now, but once you delve farther into the process of party planning, armed with the proper information, there'll be no party you would fear to host, guaranteed!