Password Door Unlock




    This is a real screen lock for your phone.
    Different from other screen lock,you have to set a private password for this app.
    So when you need to unlock the screen,your password is a must.

    At this time,only you know the password to unlock.
    Others who don't know the password have no idea to unlock.

    Steps to Unlock:

    1.Go to locker settings first.Here you need to set your own password with the number keyboard.

    2.Click the icon of Set password to input your private password.

    3.When you finish setting password,enable the locker.

    4.As for the auxiliary,you could turn on the ringtone or vibration to remind you the moment the phone screen is unlocked.

    5.Also you could select full screen or expand the status bar for the locking screen.

    6.Last,you had better to enable the Shortcut key.This is also an emergency key to unlock the screen.
    This shortcut key is the button of SEARCH.

    7.When you need to unlock the phone screen,click the door handle and the password frame will appear.
    If you input the correct password,the screen will be unlocked successful.
    if not,you will fail to unlock the screen.

    Safe and private screen lock.
    It could really protect your phone from peeking.

    Do you wanna have a try???
    If you like this screen lock,please support us by giving this app 5 stars.

    Some companies offer an online unlocking service. This service requires that individuals who wish to unlock a handset provide their IMEI number and country and operator details to the company, either via email or a web site. The company would then provide the unlock code for the handset. Such companies may email the unlocking code which will remotely unlock the device. Some companies also offer unlocking services that require sending the phone to be unlocked by a technician. Other companies sell unlocking hardware, including devices which fit between the SIM card and the phone to spoof the original network id during registration and devices to read and edit the handset's firmware.

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