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    The Perfect Pooch Puppy Training app gets you serious about training your puppy or dog. Not just another dog whistle app, the app is meant to be much broader resource to train your new puppy. Full of tips and tricks, find out new information about your puppy that will save you headaches, and make yours and your new friend's life a lot more enjoyable.

    Your puppy's emotional and mental wellness is as crucial as her physical health. This is why house training such as puppy potty training or puppy crate training to your home is absolutely crucial to do first thing for puppy training.

    When you book your puppy's first veterinary stay, it's crucial that you schedule her into a puppy socialization class. Why? Because the sooner you both get into training, the sooner you will see that you may need it as well. There is also the not so obvious "Pack Relationships" that need to be felt as well.

    Puppies and any other animal in captivity have an altogether different perspective to life. Or more to the point, what is called "The Wild". It is simply respectful to them and yourself to keep Mother Nature's way as a consideration before you dive in to raising another life.

    Puppy socialization courses offers your puppy a chance to mingle about the other dogs, as well as their human counterparts in a safe and controlled environment.

    The Perfect Pooch Dog Training app also comes with a puppy training whistle of varying frequencies to help you organize your training patterns. Along with this, the puppy training app aims to arm you with ideas, methods and reading that will help create a valuable relationship with your new friend. That's just way too awesome!

    Check inside for more information on puppy training tips and other responsible forms of puppy obedience that will make you feel you are on the right path.

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    HOT Topics of Perfect Pooch Puppy Obedience Training:

    • Brand New Puppy!
    • Crate Training
    • Biting Behaviors
    • Whining and Howling
    • Obedience Training
    • Ultimate Potty Training
    • Why Puppies Hate Cars
    • Train Her With Games
    • Teach Your New Pooch Tricks
    • Puppy Training Resources
    • Puppy Training Calendar

    Easy app to use. Handy for everyday application. A very cool pocket training reference!

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    Enjoy the Perfect Pooch Puppy Training App and please see the "VOLUME CAUTIONS!" NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH HEADPHONES.

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