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    It is a housekeeping book application for android handsets for NFC feature.
    "Pesoguin housekeeping book NFC" is a petty cashbook application which can perform management of an income, and daily expenditure management.
    The card reader function in which the use history of a card can be read into a housekeeping book application only by holding up electronic money cards issued in Japan(DO NOT USE any electric money cards except Suica, ICOCA, PASMO, Edy, nanaco and WAON card.), to a terminal.
    In expenditure management, it is the feature that it is [ which cash, a card, electronic money, etc. pay ] finely manageable for every method.

    Moreover, I think that there is also usage called the check of the claim details from a credit card company.

    (Input, Correction)
    Please carry out the tap of the calendar, and on the screen which inputs an item, since there is also a convenient calculator function, use.
    When you carry out renewal of correction of the item inputted once, please carry out the tap of the item currently displayed on the calendar, and carry out renewal of correction.

    Since an income-and-outgo list of the moon will come out if the tap of the display of the years of the upper part of a top screen is carried out, please refer to it.

    (Display according to item)
    If the tap of "cash control" of the lower part of a top screen, "card management", and the "electronic money management" is carried out, the item of expenses used with cash, a card, and each electronic money will be looked through.

    (Display according to item of expenses)
    If the tap of the icon of an item is carried out, the expenditure list only of the item will be expressed as the screen on which the "item icon" is displayed on the lower part of a screen.

    (in addition to this)
    If the tap of the animation of the topmost Pesoguin in a top screen is carried out, a share function etc. will be displayed.

    If the tap of the menu button is carried out, the present data backup can be taken.

    (Background wallpaper picture setup)
    If the tap of the menu button is carried out and the tap of the "setup" is carried out, change of a background image is possible.

    Please cure in a cute character "Pesoguin", using as a petty cashbook every day.

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