Pharmacy Alliance




    Second generation pharmacist Simon Reynolds started Pharmacy Alliance in 2002. His goals were to:

    1. Empower independent pharmacies by increasing their profits

    2. Provide innovative and effective retail tools and services to pharmacies

    Pharmacy Alliance was the first independent pharmacy group to:

    1. Centralise OTC & dispensary purchasing

    2. Provide electronic OTC ordering

    3. Give maximum discounts on minimum order quantities across the entire pharmacy - everyday of the year

    4. Conduct a generic tender by molecule, providing a tiered multigeneric offer to members

    5. Offer the services of a team of retail experts to further grow members’ profits

    6. Provide pharmacy investment opportunities for pharmacists

    Pharmacy Alliance is a member-based network with over 400 member pharmacies. We provide independent pharmacies the retail tools and expertise to improve their profitability and streamline their in-store operations. We offer 3 different memberships to cover the different business types and varying lifestyle goals of all independent pharmacy owners Australia wide.

    With the combined strength of over 400 members and a team of experienced buyers Pharmacy Alliance is able to negotiate better terms and develop innovative solutions with suppliers than any independent pharmacy buying group for over the counter (OTC) products, dispensary products and wholesale trading terms.

    We meet with both manufacturers and wholesalers regularly to analyse trends and develop initiatives to achieve efficiencies and improve discounts/minimum quantities - freeing up the time you would usually spend meeting with suppliers and wholesalers.

    History and values

    Pharmacy Alliance Innovations:

    Electronic OTC ordering
    Everyday contract pricing
    Maximum discounts on minimum quantities
    A generic tender by molecule.

    Pharmacy Alliance Membership Benefits:

    Industry leading trading terms
    Improved cashflow
    Increased GP across the entire store
    More time to serve customers

    Pharmacy Group Managers – Another Pharmacy First

    Retail experts called Pharmacy Group Managers (PGMs) complete the picture. The PGMs help stores maximise their membership and improve their GP and profit. This unique mix of better buying and retail expertise saw Pharmacy Alliance grow rapidly. Backed by a comprehensive marketing program, Pharmacy Alliance truly became ‘better than a banner and much more than a buying group’. In 2004 Pharmacy Alliance moved to Melbourne. In 2007 Pharmacy Alliance signed up the 100th member. Today, Pharmacy Alliance has over 400 members and continues to grow.
    The Generic Tender – Another Pharmacy First

    2008 saw Pharmacy Alliance innovate again – conducting a Generic Tender. A first in pharmacy, the Generic Tender was done by molecule on volumes of $80 million p.a. The Generic Tender became known as PAGM (Pharmacy Alliance Generic Module). 2010 saw PAGM undergo major improvements. The new PAGM has 350 molecules on the best available discount.

    With Pharmacy Alliance ethical trading terms, PAGM takes dispensary GPs to new levels.
    healthetc pharmacy – The Future of Pharmacy

    With an ageing population and shortage of doctors, Pharmacy Alliance Group saw another opportunity. In 2009 they launched healthetc pharmacy, Australia’s first well-being pharmacy brand. With a prescribing nurse practitioner in store, healthetc pharmacy opened its first pharmacy in Kwinana (WA). With another 4 stores soon to follow, Pharmacy Alliance Group was once again leading the way in innovative pharmacy practice.

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