PhotoOpp - Bride Edition




    Introducing PhotoOpp Bride Edition
    "The Original Wedding App that Replaces Disposable Cameras"


    BRIDES FROM ALL AROUND THE GLOBE use PhotoOpp to capture all the fun and fascinating photos by allowing their guests to take photos at ALL of their events, not just the reception. PhotoOpp can be used at the Engagement Party, Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and Reception!

    The Bride Has Her Own CUSTOMIZED App!

    ~ Complete Customization to The Bride and Her Bridal Party
    ~ Custom image and marquee branding of the Bride and Groom
    ~ Custom Details on each event and venue
    ~ Custom Wedding Party Marquee

    Guest to Guest Photo Sharing
    Each photo taken by a guest using PhotoOpp - Bride Edition is saved to the Bride's Guest Gallery which instantly becomes available and visible to all other guests. It's like everyone's sharing the same camera at the same time! No one misses a shot!

    Guest Book
    Your guests can add their own personal well-wishes in your Scrolling Guest Book.

    Post Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & More!

    Ability for guests to "Like" photos
    All guests are given the opportunity to "Like" photos, whether they take them or not. Each photo can then be ranked by the number of "Likes" it receives allowing the bride to know what was popular and what wasn't.

    Ability for users to "Remove" photos
    Any guest can remove any photo taken during the event. This ensures a community effort toward filtering out the "not-so-great" photos. But don't worry... nothing is deleted. "Removed" photos remain online for the bride to have the final say as to what's hot and what's not.

    Souvenir Photo Viewing App
    When the celebration is over and the guests leave, PhotoOpp - Bride Edition instantly transforms into a sophisticated souvenir viewing app, still customized to the Bride and her events, leaving each guest with a treasure trove of memories of the Bride's special day.

    Best of all… there's something in it for the guest! Think about it. With old fashioned disposable cameras, a guest has to put down their own camera and pick up the Bride's camera and sacrifice a shot they might love to have for themselves. With PhotoOpp - Bride Edition, there's something in it for everyone!

    If you've been invited to a PhotoOpp Bridal Event, download this free app. When you arrive at the location of the event, the app will transform instantly and the fun begins. No need to login or create an account. Just launch, point and shoot!

    If you're a bride and want to learn more about PhotoOpp - Bride Edition, visit and learn how you can provide this wonderful amenity to your guests and your memories.

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