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    Share In Our Quality Tradition Today With Your Favorite Pizza

    One thing that sets our pizzeria apart is our unswerving commitment to quality. It’s exemplified in everything we do, from our friendly service and atmosphere to each and every pizza we serve. Our traditional cheese pizza is a great example. While it’s the most basic pie we make, it’s garnered a lot of praise over the years. Why? We always use the best ingredients—from our handmade crusts to our special sauce. And of course, no one can forget one of the key ingredients—great cheese!

    We only use premium all-natural Grande Mozzarella cheese on our pizzas because nothing we have found compares to its creamy, buttery taste, and no other cheese works in such great harmony with our other fine ingredients. Grab a slice, and you’ll see how our Grande Mozzarella cheese offers unparalleled flavor, stretches without coming off of the pie and melts in your mouth. It’s impossible not to notice the cheese on our traditional cheese pizza has better texture than other cheese pizzas. By comparison all other cheeses taste, look and feel like imitations.

    Our passion is to bring you the ultimate pizza experience, and in order to do that we work with companies who share our commitment to reaching the highest standards and who relentlessly pursue excellence in their own businesses. Grande Cheese Company insists that all of the milk used to make their cheese originates from dedicated dairy farms that have attained the highest rating—Verified Premium Plus—from the Dairy Quality Center. Not only do they start with the finest ingredients, the company’s skilled artisans use Old World craftsmanship to create all-natural cheeses that deliver rich dairy flavor. In the end, your taste buds are the real winners each and every time you enjoy one of our pizzas.

    If you haven’t experienced one of our cheese pizzas, made with The Finest Italian Cheeses Money Can Buy, we invite you to share in the quality tradition, today!

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