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    Save the places and locations that make living your life more enjoyable!

    Have you ever been at some really good, thriving place or taken a trip to a place more than once? If you have, you know that coming back to those places can be confusing if you don't remember the way. This app aims to solve that problem by allowing you to keep track of all the wonderful and exciting places you've visited!

    If you've ever visited a really good restaurant and couldn't remember where it was, or parked in a really good location but couldn't find it again, this app is for you!

    This app helps keep track of all the wonderful places you visit in your daily life, in order to revisit them whenever you find the time.


    - Explore your world and keep track of it with this place editor!
    - Manage exciting new places with a simple long tap on the map!
    - Names and addresses of places are automatically generated from Google's servers!
    - View a city or street on the map when connected to internet, and it will be available to you offline
    for reference off of a data plan!
    - Tag each place you visit so you can easily find that special place at a later date!
    - Edit and search all the places you have added!
    - Access help menus on every screen to help you if you get stuck!
    - Ability to back up and restore place data in case of uninstallation.

    Features to come:

    - Social integration.
    - Ability to beam places to friends to share the adventure!

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