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    Search plants and flowers by color, using a picture or your phone's camera.
    Create your own GPS plant collection.
    You can see a map of plants you've GPSed here: once you've added a username and uploaded your GPS plant locations. This page shows a list of your uploaded plants and a sustainability rating. The photos of plants that you take with the app will also be visible on the plant detail page, once uploaded and approved.
    View a map of plants near you.
    Search for plants by name, color, and bloom date.
    See plant places on a map.

    If the upload photos and auto sync preferences are selected, the plant photos and GPS positions that you take with Mobile will upload automatically to, when your phone is plugged-in/charging and on wifi. See more details in the [Preferences] section, below.

    The official mobile app of the website.

    Finding Plants by Color:
    Do you see a plant and want to know what it is? Take a picture, and we'll find the top 16 colors in that picture. Choose a color, and we'll find plants that match that color.
    Do you want to match plants to your house? Take a picture of your house, and we'll find flowers, trees, and shrubs with the same color.
    View plant pictures and descriptions from on this free app.

    Finding Native, Edible, and Recommended Plants:
    Do you want to plant native, edible plants? Search for edible, native, and recommended plants.
    Search for plants by bloom date.
    Do you see a plant in flower? You can record and submit the bloom date.

    Submit GPS, Plants for Sale, and Bloom Dates; Get a Sustainability Report Card:
    Submit your GPS plant collection to to see a Sustainability Report Card.
    Do you see a plant for sale? You can submit it on Mobile, and it will show on the website.

    Services for Nurseries and Retailers:
    Are you a nursery or plant retailer? You can list your inventory on, and keep it up to date using mobile. users will see the number and price of the flora that you have for sale.

    Want a free, web-based list of your plant inventory on E-mail us to sign up to be a partner - for free - and you can see your list here: You are welcome to use this list on your own website, or anywhere else you'd like to show what you have for sale.

    Preferences, GPS and Photo Upload:

    You can choose to upload GPS positions and photos automatically by selecting the appropriate settings in the [Preferences] page of Mobile for Android.

    Auto Synch over Wifi: Will automatically upload GPS when your phone is plugged in/charging AND on wifi. This minimizes data and battery usage.

    If this setting is checked, you will not see an "Upload" button on the GPS A Plant screen. If this setting is not checked, you will see an [Upload] button on the GPS A Plant screen, so that you can choose when to upload.

    Upload Plant Images: Will upload photos you take of plants. This will ONLY upload photos taken with the mobile app; Mobile does not access photos you have taken with your phone's camera app or other apps outside of Mobile.

    If the auto sync settings are not checked, you can choose to upload your GPS positions by clicking the [Upload] button on the GPS screen. Or, if you don't want to upload the photos and GPS positions, you don't have to - you can see them on your Android device..

    Username: If you enter a username, this will be associated with the GPS locations and plant photos that you upload. You can then see your sustainability report here: However, you do not have to enter a username if you don't want to.

    Password: This setting is reserved for future use, and is not currently used.

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